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Democracy Now! Featured in Classrooms Around the World

"I show the class the DN! website, and show them how to use the search engine to find segments they can use as sources in their papers."

Democracy Now! Featured in Be The Media by David Mathison.

Democracy Now! is featured prominently in the upcoming book Be The Media by David Mathison:

A Learning and Teaching Tool for Educators

"I was a student-teacher last year for U.S. History and I often used the search engine for the different subjects I was going to teach."

High School Humanities Class Studies Colonialism Using Democracy Now!

"My 9th grade Humanities students have just begun a very brief study of European imperialism in Africa."

Democracy Now! is Used to Engage Student’s Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

“I have used a written interview from Democracy Now! as part of a unit on Social Change that I do in an advanced writing class."

Independent Media Educates

"Democracy Now! works especially well in teaching a unit on Media & Politics."

Education for Social Change

"Democracy Now! enhances learning and fulfills one of our student learning outcomes of helping students become responsible community members."

Democracy Now! Examines Conflict

"I teach Alternative Dispute Resolution courses."

Students Hooked on Good Journalism

"Democracy Now! combines nicely with my Sociology course material where it is easy to incorporate some of the segments into the class discussions."

Democracy Now! Has Made an Incredible Difference in the Lives of So Many Students

"I teach a large lecture course in our humanities program called Interpretation and Values."

April is National Poetry Month

Some poetry highlights from the Democracy Now! archives:
“Alice Walker reads her poem Be Nobody’s Darling”

Palestinian-American Poet Suheir Hammad*

Nuyorican Poet Pedro Pietri

Martin Espada on Pablo Neruda

It is Invaluable!

“I’ve used Democracy Now! as a powerful example of confirming corporate media bias in my University classes."

NAB-bing The Election

Read Amy’s column to learn more about election money and where it’s all going.

Teaching Democracy Now! in Spanish

"I often use DN! reports dealing in some way with the Spanish-speaking world."

Students Spread the Word

"Students start sharing the information with their own families and friends."

Democracy Now! is an Eye Opener

“I teach a course called "Mass Media and Popular Culture" in which I spend a good amount of class time on the news."

Hang Up On War: Claim Your Telephone Tax Rebate

Read Amy’s column on the telephone war tax.

Coming up: "In Debt We Trust"

On Wednesday, Danny Schechter joins us in our Firehouse studio to talk about his new documentary about the national and personal debt crisis in the US.

American Kangaroo Court Claims Its First Victim

Read Amy’s column on Guantanamo detainee David Hicks.

Chiquita’s Slipping Appeal

Amy’s column on Chiquita’s financing of paramilitary death squads