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Democracy Now! Blog

Bang Pots and Pans for Molly Ivins

Amy’s column on the life and work of journalist, Molly Ivins.

February 08, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Resistance to War Cannot be Jailed

Amy’s column on the court-martial of conscientious objector, Lt. Ehren Watada

February 01, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Up to Democrats to Investigate Torture

Amy’s column on the US government’’s secret rendition of Canadian citizen Maher Arar

January 25, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

King’s Message: Stop the War, Help the Poor

Amy’s column remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

January 19, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles, Martin Luther King

Global Warring, Global Warming, Global Warning

Amy’s column on global warming and oil

January 11, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Impeaching, Prosecuting Nixon Would Have Elevated the Nation

Amy’s column on the pardoning of Nixon by Gerald Ford

January 04, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Prosecuting Nixon Would Have Elevated the Nation

Amy’s column on the Presidential pardon of Nixon by Ford

January 04, 2007 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Shooting the Messenger is a War Crime

Amy’s column on the killing of journalists by the US military

December 28, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles, Freedom of the Press

Ask Kissinger About Pinochet

Amy’s column on Henry Kissinger’s role in the Chilean Coup

December 14, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

It’s Bigotry that Should Be Silenced

Amy’s column on JetBlue’s removal of a passenger wearing a "We will not be silenced" T-shirt

December 07, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

The Art of War and Deception

Amy’s column on using lies to sell the Iraq war to the public

November 30, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Rumsfeld’s Mount Misery

Amy’s column on Rumsfeld’s legacy of torture

November 22, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Bush has a chance to hold terrorists accountable

Amy’s column on the Indonesian massacre of East Timorese

November 15, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

New Vermont Senator not Standard Fare

Amy’s column on Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders

November 09, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Beyond the Nine Second Soundbite

Amy’s column on why she is writing her weekly column

November 05, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

Death in Oaxaca

Amy’s column on the slaying of Indymedia Journalist, Bradley Will in Oaxaca

October 31, 2006 |  Filed under  Columns & Articles

DN! airs on KCBX FM: San Luis Obispo, CA

After 21 months of campaigning, the community of Atascadero, CA brought DN! to KCBX 90.1 FM

September 17, 2006 |  Filed under  Outreach Success Stories

WLRH: NPR affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama

The North Alabama Media Reform Group Brings DN! to WLRH

May 01, 2006 |  Filed under  Outreach Success Stories

Activists bring Democracy Now! to Urbana Public Television

After several challenges, activists get Democracy Now! on Urbana Public Television (UPTV) in Urbana-Champaign, IL

April 05, 2005 |  Filed under  Outreach Success Stories