Psychologists and Torture


Ongoing coverage of psychologists’ involvement with military interrogations. We speak with psychologists on both sides of the debate at the American Psychological Association, and take a close look at how these torture techniques have be implemented.

April 21, 2009: The Story of Mitchell Jessen & Associates: How A Team of Psychologists in Spokane, WA Helped Develop the CIA’s Torture Techniques

April 17, 2009: Obama Releases Bush-Era Memos Authorizing Torture Techniques, Rules Out Prosecuting CIA Interrogators who Carried Them Out

October 10, 2008: APA Approves Measure Banning Psychologists From Interrogations

August 18, 2008: Referendum on Torture: Debate Over Role of Psychologists in Military Interrogations Comes to a Head at APA Annual Convention

June 19, 2008: As Senate Confirms Psychologists Helped Devise Military Interrogation Techniques, APA Presidential Candidate Steven Reisner Condemns Role of Psychologists in Torture

June 19, 2008: 'Broken Laws, Broken Lives': Medical Study Confirms Prisoners in US Custody Were Physically & Mentally Tortured

December 10, 2007: Did CIA Destroy Tapes Showing Waterboarding and Involvement of Psychologists in Torture?

November 26, 2007: Leaked Guantanamo Military Operating Manual Reveals Isolation, Sensory Deprivation Was Official Army Policy to Break Prisoners

September 28, 2007: More Health Care Professionals Involved In Design, Structuring of Torture Than in Providing Care For Survivors

August 29, 2007: Blog Post: Psychologists in Denial About Torture

August 29, 2007: 'The APA Has Long Been a Clan'–Psychologist, Author Mary Pipher Returns APA Award over Interrogation Policy

August 28th, 2007: Renowned Psychologist, Author Returns APA Award over Interrogation Policy

August 20, 2007: American Psychological Association Rejects Blanket Ban on Participation in Interrogation of U.S. Detainees

August 20, 2007: Dissident Voices: Ex-Task Force Member Dr. Michael Wessells Speaks Out on Psychologists and Torture

August 20, 2007: Ex-APA Interrogation Task Force Member Exposes Group’s Ties to Military

August 20, 2007: APA Members Hold Fiery Town Hall Meeting on Interrogation, Torture

August 17, 2007: Dissident Members Challenge American Psychological Association on Role in CIA Interrogation, Torture

August 16, 2007: EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look at How U.S. Interrogators Destroyed the Mind of Jose Padilla

August 08, 2007: The Black Sites: A Rare Look Inside the C.I.A.’s Secret Interrogation Program

July 30, 2007: Rorshach and Awe: As Opposition Grows Over the APA’s Policy Allowing Psychologists To Take Part in Military Interrogations, Vanity Fair Exposes How Two Psychologists Shaped the CIA’s Torture Methods

June 25, 2007: The CIA’s Torture Teachers: Psychologists Helped the CIA Exploit a Secret Military Program to Develop Brutal Interrogation Tactics

June 01, 2007: Blog Post: Hypocritical Oath: Psychologists and Torture

June 01, 2007: 'The Task Force Report Should Be Annulled'–Member of 2005 APA Task Force on Psychologist Participation in Military Interrogations Speaks Out

June 30, 2006: Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity, and the War on Terror

June 16: 2006: Calls Grow Within American Psychological Association for Ban on Participation in Military Interrogations: A Debate

June 12, 2006: Dr. Robert Jay Lifton: American Psychological Association Should “Prohibit Any Involvement” of Psychologists in Interrogations

August 11th, 2005: Psychological Warfare? A Debate on the Role of Mental Health Professionals in Military Interrogations at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and Beyond