Tuesday, February 20, 1996

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  • The Impact of the Christian Coalition in New Hamsphire: From Schoolboard Politics to Presidential Primaries

    The People for the American Way "Expose the Right" campaign asks presidential candidates the hard-hitting questions that the mainstream media does not. Expose the Right unveils the Christian Coalition’s work in New Hampshire, from school board politics to presidential primaries.

    Key words: Christian Coalition, People for the American Way, Expose the Right, Smith Towns Amendment, Homosexuality, Gay Rights, Education School Board, phonics, Merrimack New Hampshire, Presidential Candidates, Press Questions, censorship, anti-gay

  • Pat Buchanan’s History of Anti-Semitism, Racism and Homophobia

    A look at Buchanan’s history of anti-Semitism, racism, homophobia, chauvinism, and the mainstream media’s coverage of Buchanan.

    Segment Subjects (keywords for the segment): Pat Buchanan, Presidential Candidate, Presidential Primary, Bigot, racism, homophobia, white supremacist, Aryan, hate speech, Buchanan history, media bias, media pundits, gay lesbian, fascist, fascism

  • Pat Buchanan and Labor

    A debate on Pat Buchanan’s rhetoric and policy views on labor issues.

  • The Living Wage Campaign in New Hampshire

    What is a living wage? Living wage campaigns in various New Hampshire municipalities.