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An archive of interviews and reports filed by Democracy Now! correspondent Jeremy Scahill. He is the national security reporter for The Nation magazine. He is the author of the best-selling book, "Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army." He blogs at

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  • One day after the arrest of Slobodan Milosevic, the U.N. is stepping up international pressure on Yugoslavia to handover the former leader to a war crimes tribunal.
    April 02, 2001 | Story
  • Jeremy Scahill reports from southern Serbia where ethnic Albanian militants fired on a convoy containing the U.S.envoy and the U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia.
    February 07, 2001 | Story
  • War crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte stormed out of a meeting with new Yugoslavia president Vojislav Kostunica.Democracy Now correspondent Jeremy Scahill was there.
    January 24, 2001 | Story
  • In Yugoslavia right now hundreds of thousands of people are continuing their protest as part of the first general strike in the country since World War II. They are demanding that President Slobodan Milosovic step down from power and recognize what they call the Election victory of opposition candidate Vojislav Kostunica. Last night in a rare nationally televised address to the nation, Slobodon Milosovic attacked the opposition saying they...
    October 03, 2000 | Story
  • Last night in Belgrade there was a massive rally where more than 150,000 people jammed the streets to hear opposition Presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica deliver his final public speech before voters head to the polls this weekend. As we’ve said before on Democracy Now, many foreign journalists are being denied visas to cover these elections, but DN correspondent Jeremy Scahill is in the capital city Belgrade and files this report...
    September 21, 2000 | Story
  • Following up on our show yesterday on the Commission on Presidential Debates and its exclusion of third party candidates. On the program, Janet Brown, the Executive Director of the CPD, was reluctant to give out a phone number where people could express their concerns about the CPD’s policies. She said all the relevant phone and fax numbers could be found on their website: Well Democracy Now! Producer Jeremy Scahill set...
    September 01, 2000 | Story
  • Earlier this week, Democracy Now! Producer Jeremy Scahill reported on an internal police document entitled "Emergency Preparedness Bulletin: DNC 2000 Planning Group." Dated August 2000. According to a source that saw the document, it was distributed as a brief for Los Angeles Police Officers to prepare themselves for protesters at the Democratic Convention. The source said the document characterizes protesters as extremists and...
    August 18, 2000 | Story
  • In Belgrade Yugoslavia this week, Serbian Premier Mirko Marjanovic denied that Yugoslavia was on the brink of a severe economic crisis and fended off accusations that the government will soon be forced to devaluate the country’s currency. Marjanovic also accused the United States of working with opposition groups in the country to sell out Yugoslavia’s sovereignty for international loans and private investment. His statements come...
    September 16, 1999 | Story
  • Missile strikes caused great damage in southern Serbia, as European leaders pondered their response to signals that Yugoslavia is ready for a deal to settle the Kosovo crisis.
    May 19, 1999 | Story
  • NATO air raids have increased once again in Yugoslavia after two days of cloudy weather, while political leaders and diplomats today press their search for a diplomatic solution to the war. NATO said its jets bombed an industrial zone, a main highway and an airport, among other sites across Yugoslavia. Serb media reported that the attacks hit bridges, a bus station, a cigarette factory and a printing plant, and also damaged dozens of...
    May 18, 1999 | Story