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Democracy Now! Daily Show DVD: Thursday, December 06, 2001


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Product Description

DVD of Democracy Now! daily show for Thursday, December 06, 2001. For more daily shows, browse our archives. Show DVDs can be purchased from any show page by selecting Media Options > Get DVD.

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  • The FBI Catches Fugitive and Self-Described "Anti-Abortion Warrior" Clayton Waagner After Heclaims Responsibility for Hundreds of Anthrax Threats Mailed to Women's Health Facility
  • Afghan Women's Summit for Democracy, Brussels
  • New Jersey Judge and School Board Jail Over 130 Teachers for Striking
  • Dozens of Palestinian Riot Police Armed with Batons and Shields Fired Tear Gas at Thousandsof People Protesting the House Arrest of Hamas Leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin; Police Kill at Least Onepalestinia
  • CIA Officers Sue Agency for "Abuse of Power," Alleging a Cover-Up in the 1999 Accidentalbombing of China's Embassy in Belgrade
  • The Bush Administration Is Out of Step with As Much As 79 Percent of the American Public. The Majority of Americans Support Mandatory Inspections of Possible Bioweapons Facilities
  • Candle Light March to End Child Labor and Sweatshop Abuses
  • 59 minutes, NTSC.