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Democracy Now! Daily Show DVD: Tuesday, March 25, 2003


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Product Description

DVD of Democracy Now! daily show for Tuesday, March 25, 2003. For more daily shows, browse our archives. Show DVDs can be purchased from any show page by selecting Media Options > Get DVD.

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Product Details

  • U.S. and British Warplanes Begin Intense Bombardment of Republican Guard Positions Outside Baghdad: We Go to the Iraqi Capital
  • Kurdish Officials Say 150 Killed By U.S. Bombing, Scores of Iraqi Civilians Casualties Elsewhere
  • Broadcasting Images of Pows, Distributing Propaganda Leaflets, 'Embedding' Reporters: The Pentagon's Psychological Operations
  • Spanish Newspaper Reveals U.S. Military Is Refueling Its B-52s Over Spanish Cities
  • Will Iraq Become a "Quagmire for the Americans"? Non-Embedded Journalist Robert Fisk Reports From Baghdad
  • Veteran War Correspondent Robert Fisk: Debating Whether Its Really Saddam Detracts From the Issue of What the Iraqi President Actually Says
  • "When the British Were Fired Upon . . . From Delhi and in Northern Ireland, They Did Not Use Artillery. But Here, Apparently, It Is Ok to Use Artillery On a Crowded City." Interview with Robert Fisk,
  • 59 minutes, NTSC.