Democracy Now! Daily Show DVD: Thursday, July 21, 2016


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Product Description

DVD of Democracy Now! daily show for Thursday, July 21, 2016. For more daily shows, browse our archives. Show DVDs can be purchased from any show page by selecting Media Options > Get DVD.

Product Details

  • "Grandiosity and Misogyny": Jeff Sharlet on "Common Thread" Between Mike Pence & Donald Trump
  • The Odd Couple: While Trump Openly Cheated on Ex-Wife, Pence Called for Criminalizing Adultery
  • Have You Seen George W. Bush? John Kasich? John McCain? Looking for the GOP No-Shows at the RNC
  • Activists Block RNC Entrance with Mock Border Wall So Trump's Hate "Won't Reach Our Communities"
  • Did Donald Trump Pick Mike Pence to Appease the Koch Brothers & the Religious Right?
  • Make America Straight Again? A Debate on What Could Be the Most Anti-LGBT Republican Platform Ever
  • As the Number of Black GOP Delegates Falls to Historic Low, Meet a Few of the Only Ones Left
  • Pastor on Tamir Rice Shooting: Ohio is an Open-Carry State Except If You're an African-American Male
  • 59 minutes, NTSC.