March 26, 1997


Cindy Sheehan

co-founder of Gold Star Families For Peace. Her son Casey was killed in Baghdad on April 4, 2004.

In 1990, McDonald’s filed a libel suit against two activists
involved with London Greenpeace in England for allegedly
distributing a six-sided fact sheet entitled "What’s Wrong With
McDonald’s?" The pamphlet criticized McDonald’s
environmental record and questioned the nutritional value of
burger and fries.

McLibel — as the case is known — is now the longest trial of
any kind in English history, and has stimulated worldwide publicity
and protests. The McLibel Two — Helen Steel and David Morris -
- are defending themselves against McDonald’s team of top libel
lawyers, and the defense is funded entirely by donations from
the public.

Joining us to talk about the case is Helen Steel, one of the
activists being sued by McDonald’s.


HELEN STEEL, an English activist being sued by
McDonald’s for allegedly distributing a 6-page leaflet that
criticized the companies environmental record and the
nutritional value of McDonald’s food.