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Indian Philosopher and Physicist Vandana Shiva: If Terrorism Is the Systematic Use of Terror As a Means of Coercion, Then the WTO Is Terrorist, and the Peace and Global Justice Movements Must Unite

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Just one day after a federal judge banned a peace march in Manhattan, another federal judge has relaxed restrictions on the New York City Police Department’s ability to spy on domestic political groups. Judge Charles Haight cited QUOTE "fundamental changes in the threats to public security."

Well New York City ­ and the United States ­ are not alone. Governments all over the world are imposing ever-tighter restrictions on their people in the name of fighting terrorism.

Today we’re going to hear the Indian physicist and philosopher of science Vandana Shiva talk about how the response to terrorism erodes democracy.

She also argues that corporate-led globalization is another form of terrorism, and calls for peace and justice movements around the world to unite.

She spoke recently at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


  • Vandana Shiva, Indian physicist and philosopher of science. She is the director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology and the author of several books including 'Water Wars'.

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