Democratic Candidates Debate in Wisconsin Ahead of Primary

February 16, 2004


Dennis Kucinich

Democratic presidential candidate

We play an excerpt of the five remaining democratic presidential candidates debating each other at a nationally-televised event held at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry won caucuses on Saturday in Nevada and Washington D.C. giving him victories in 14 of the first 16 contests in the Democratic presidential race.

In Washington D.C., Kerry won with 47 percent of the vote, followed by the Rev. Al Sharpton with 20 percent. Governor Howard Dean won 17 percent, Sen. John Edwards 10 and Rep. Dennis Kucinich with 3.

In Nevada, Kerry received 63 percent of the vote and Howard Dean placed second with 17 percent. Edwards won 10 percent, Kucinich 7 and Sharpton 1.

Tomorrow, voters in Wisconsin go to the polls. Dean vowed Sunday he will stay in the race even if he loses Wisconsin but the New York Times is reporting that his National Campaign Chairman Steven Grossman plans to shift his support to Kerry if Dean loses in the primary.

After Wisconsin, 10 states–including New York and California–will hold primaries on March 2nd.

All five remaining Democratic presidential contenders were in Milwaukee yesterday for a debate held at Marquette University and sponsored by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The candidates repeated their past positions on Iraq, but also said campaigning in Wisconsin had convinced them that jobs, health care and education are the issues on which Bush is most vulnerable in November.

Moderator Mike Gousha opened the debate with questions about the controversy over Bush’s attendance record while in the National Guard.

  • Democratic presidential debate, excerpt of the candidates in Milwaukee, WI on February 15, 2004.
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