Shows featuring Alan Snitow

  • Stockton, California City Council Reverses Water Privatization It Passed over Widespread Local Opposition Thirstdoc
    We end with a major victory for the opponents of water privatization. In 2003, the City Council of Stockton, California, ignored overwhelming public opposition to approve a $600 million, 20-year water privatization agreement. The deal gave a multinational consortium full control over the city’s water, sewage and stormwater systems. But two weeks ago, the council reversed the position and...
    August 01, 2007 | Story
  • Spirits of the Passage
    Democracy Now takes a special look at the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The new book Spirits of the Passage tells the story of the Henrietta Marie, the only slave ship to crash while being used as such. One of the authors of the book, Rosemarie Robotham, joins Amy to discuss the book and history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
    June 05, 1997 | Story