Shows featuring As'ad Abu Khalil

  • Did NBC Cover Up Role of U.S.-Backed Free Syrian Army in 2012 Kidnapping of Richard Engel? Richard-engel-nbc-2
    NBC News is at the center of a new controversy, this time focused on its chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel. Back in 2012 he and five other members of an NBC News team were kidnapped by armed gunmen in Syria. They were held for five days. Just after his release Engel spoke on NBC News and said this about his captors:...
    April 17, 2015 | Story
  • U.S. Facing Global Diplomatic Crisis Following Massive WikiLeaks Release of Secret Diplomatic Cables Cablegate
    The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has begun releasing a giant trove of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables that is sending shockwaves through the global diplomatic establishment. Among the findings: Arab leaders are urging the United States to attack Iran; Washington and Yemen agreed to cover up the use of U.S. warplanes...
    November 29, 2010 | Story
  • 81 Dead in Lebanon as Hezbollah Clashes with US-Backed Pro-Government Forces Lebanonweb2
    "This is very much similar to what is happening in Sudan, in Palestine, in Iraq, in Afghanistan and Somalia, [where] the United States is basically instigating and funding civil wars," says professor As’ad AbuKhalil. [includes rush transcript]
    May 12, 2008 | Story
  • Bush Appoints Negroponte Iraq Ambassador Negroponte
    George Bush has appointed a diplomat infamous for supporting right-wing death squads in Central America during the 1980s to succeed Paul Bremer as the top US official in Iraq. UN Ambassador John Negroponte is set to take over what will be the largest US embassy in the world, that in Baghdad. [includes rush transcript]
    April 20, 2004 | Story