Shows featuring Bruce Wallace

  • U.S., Iraqi School Teachers Create Peace Bridge for Students from Brooklyn to Baghdad
    Three years ago, Brooklyn school teacher Bruce Wallace created a project to teach students about the people on the "other side" of the Iraqi War and to create a peace bridge between the two sides. For years, Wallace and Iraqi Romance literature teacher Nesreen, as well as their students, corresponded by email. The Americans and Iraqis exchanged emails about their lives, war and...
    July 26, 2007 | Story
  • Betty Shabazz is in critical condition, but two weeks ago gave an interview to Democracy Now!.
    Betty Shabazz, 63, remains in extremely critical condition. We hear from the interview Dr, Shabazz gave to Bernard White and Amy Goodman. Shabazz reflects on her late husband Malcolm X and his influence on the civil rights movement, the Nation of Islam, and the United States in general. Shabazz shares insights into the life and passions of Malcolm X as well as her life with and after the civil...
    June 02, 1997 | Story