Shows featuring Carlos Eugenio Vargas

  • Costa Rican Banana Growers Form Fair Trade Cooperative Bananaswebnew
    Yocser Carranza Godoy, president of the worker-controlled cooperative called Coopetrabasur and the cooperative’s attorney Carlos Eugenio Vargas join us in New York to discuss the banana cooperative. [includes rush transcript]
    October 29, 2007 | Story
  • 13th Amendment Blocks Patents on Stem Cell and Cloning Technologies
    As research in the areas of stem cells and cloning continues to progress, various American and European biotechnology companies are racing to patent new techniques and technologies. However, they are running into barriers in the form of laws against the ownership of human beings. In the US, the 13th Amendment, which was drafted to abolish slavery and outlaws the ownership of people, makes the...
    August 21, 2001 | Story