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  • May Day Rallies Celebrate Unity; Labor Unions and Immigrants Plan to March Side by Side Maydaybutton
    The May Day rallies set to take place this Sunday follow massive pro-labor protests in Wisconsin to protect collective bargaining rights of public workers. Since 2006, when more than a million people marched across the United States against a harsh anti-immigrant bill, May Day has also become a key date of protests by...
    April 29, 2011 | Story
  • Thousands Turn Out for Immigrant Rights Protest Against Social Security "No Match" Letters 04crowd-2
    Immigration rights activists declared Wednesday a national day of action against new immigration measures announced by the Department of Homeland Security last month. One of the rules converts Social Security "no match" letters into a tool of immigration enforcement. The letters are sent to employers when a worker’s stated Social Security number does not match records in...
    September 13, 2007 | Story
    At the White House yesterday, President Clinton and Defense Secretary William Cohen formally nominated Army General Hugh Shelton for the post of chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He replaces outgoing Army General John Shalikashvili when his term as chairman expires at the end of September.
    July 18, 1997 | Story