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  • Obama’s Climate Plan: A Historic Turning Point or Too Reliant on Oil, Coal, Natural Gas? Obama_climate
    President Obama has unveiled a climate plan that imposes the first limits on greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants. The move will not require congressional approval, meaning Obama can bypass expected Republican-led opposition. In his address, Obama also outlined a broad range of measures to protect...
    June 26, 2013 | Story
  • Environmental Groups See Divide over Landmark Climate, Energy Bill Weakened by Industry Lobbying Climateweb
    After months of debate and millions of dollars in lobbying, a House panel has approved a climate and energy bill to reduce greenhouse gases. While several environmental groups have welcomed the bill, others remain critical of its concessions to the coal, nuclear, gas and oil lobbies, the scaling back of the greenhouse gas reduction target, and the giving away of the majority of pollution...
    May 22, 2009 | Story