Shows featuring David Graeber

  • David Graeber: The Debt of the American Poor Should Be Forgiven Splash_image20110919-5811-18zcjwu-0
    As President Obama prepares to outline a deficit-reduction plan that includes tax increases, as well as cuts to programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, anthropologist David Graeber proposes a radical solution: cancel the debt of the nation’s poor. "Debts between the very wealthy or between governments can always be...
    September 19, 2011 | Story
  • "Occupy Wall Street": Thousands March in NYC Financial District, Set Up Protest Encampment Splash_image20110919-23685-1et2yd4-0
    Demonstrators are marching on Wall Street today on the third day of a campaign dubbed "Occupy Wall Street," which began on Saturday when thousands gathered in New York City’s Financial District. Inspired by the massive public protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and Madrid’s Puerta del Sol Square, hundreds have...
    September 19, 2011 | Story
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Greek and British Workers Stage Strikes as Governments Push Austerity Cuts Greek_uk_protest
    More than 750,000 British public sector workers staged a 24-hour strike Thursday in a standoff with the government’s plans to reform public sector pensions. The reforms come as the government tries to trim its deficit and would require public workers to work longer, pay more toward their pension, and receive less upon...
    July 01, 2011 | Story