Shows featuring Gustavo Esteva

  • State Repression Continues Unabated More Than One Year into Oaxaca Uprising Floresdvd
    Tensions remain high in Oaxaca, Mexico, more than a year after the state’s bloody crackdown on striking school teachers led to a popular uprising against Governor Ulises Ruiz. Last week Ruiz sent in hundreds of heavily armed state police to prevent a popular celebration from taking place. At least one person was killed with dozens more wounded and arrested. We go to Oaxaca to speak to...
    July 27, 2007 | Story
  • Supreme court historic cases publicized.
    In recent years one legal scholar has been able to push through the veil secrecy that surrounds the supreme court and publish some of the tapes and transcripts of landmark supreme court decisions. Amy is joined by Peter Irons who has done just that. Irons speaks about his experience of publicizing supreme court tapes and meeting resistance for doing so.
    June 02, 1997 | Story