Shows featuring Henri Alleg

  • French Journalist Henri Alleg Describes His Torture Being Waterboarded by French Forces During Algerian War Waterboardingweb
    Three crucial members of the Senate Judiciary Committee said this weekend they would back the nomination of attorney general hopeful Michael Mukasey despite his refusal to condemn waterboarding as a form of torture. Henri Alleg, an 86-year-old journalist subjected to waterboarding by French troops during the war for Algerian independence, says no civilized country should allow it. [includes...
    November 05, 2007 | Story
  • Afro-Columbian Community Resists Displacement by Mining Giant Intercorp
    The PG&E plant in Salem, Massachusetts purchases its coal from Intercorp, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exxon Mobil in Columbia. Intercorp operates the largest strip mine in Latin America, Cerrejon Norte, and has enlisted the help of Columbian police and military in displacing indigenous people in the province of La Guajira to facilitate expansion of the mine. We speak with Robert Dover,...
    August 28, 2001 | Story