Shows featuring Ira Leifer

  • Scientist Working with Government Says BP Restricting Access to Study Gushing Oil Well No-access
    As the BP oil disaster enters its seventy-seventh day, we speak to a scientist leading a team of researchers trying to get access to the well to better study what is happening at the site. Dr. Ira Leifer, who’s on the federally appointed Flow Rate Technical Group, says BP is restricting his access to study the gushing...
    July 06, 2010 | Story
  • Scientist: BP Well Could Be Leaking 100,000 Barrels of Oil a Day 20100609oilplumes
    On Tuesday, BP and government officials claim that BP’s new cap system has collected over 51,000 barrels of oil since Friday. Tony Hayward has said he is hopeful the new measures would soon contain a major portion of the oil gushing out of the ruptured well, but scientist Ira Leifer says the oil may be gushing out at a...
    June 09, 2010 | Story