John Dear

Catholic priest and longtime peace activist. He was one of Daniel Berrigan’s closest friends and worked with him for 35 years. He is Berrigan’s literary executor and the editor of five books of his writings, including Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings as well the poetry collection And the Risen Bread.

"A Moral Giant": A Democracy Now! Special on the Life & Legacy of Father Daniel Berrigan
May 03, 2016
Web Exclusive
Friends Remember Fr. Dan Berrigan: "He Said He Didn't Believe in Heroes, He Believed in Community"
May 02, 2016
Part 2: Family and Friends Remember Father Daniel Berrigan, Legendary Antiwar Priest & Poet
May 02, 2016
Web Exclusive
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On Hiroshima Anniv. Peacemakers March on Los Alamos Nuclear Weapons Lab, Birthplace of Atomic Bomb
August 06, 2015

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