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  • Recount Leaves Santorum Ahead of Romney in Iowa GOP Caucus Splash_image20120119-20715-1lxu35x-0
    Rick Santorum has been declared the winner of the Iowa caucus after a recount gave him a 34-vote lead over Mitt Romney. The outcome could slow the momentum of the front-runner Romney, who is hoping to wrap up the Republican nomination with a win on Saturday in South Carolina. "It’s a big deal," says John...
    January 19, 2012 | Story
  • Super PACs, Occupy Iowa Protests and a Surging Rick Santorum: Iowa GOP Caucus Begins 2012 Race Splash_image20120103-19535-dixk78-0
    Iowa is awash in millions of dollars of negative campaign ads funded by so-called super PACs as voters head to their caucuses in the first real test of the 2012 election. "If you want to see the future of politics in America, turn on the television in Iowa," says John Nichols, correspondent for The Nation magazine....
    January 03, 2012 | Story
  • "Pity the Billionaire": Thomas Frank on the "Unlikely Comeback of the Right" Ahead of Iowa Caucus Splash_image20120103-5410-ds1lju-0
    Bestselling author and Harper’s Magazine columnist Thomas Frank argues that as President Barack Obama fails to provide a coherent, progressive economic alternative, the right has staged an unlikely comeback — despite the ongoing fallout from the 2008 financial crisis for which its trademark policies were largely...
    January 03, 2012 | Story
  • New York City Students Join OWS Day of Action with Union Square Rally, March Splash_image20111118-2492-qdow3d-0
    Among the many Occupy protests throughout New York City yesterday was a rally that attracted more than a thousand students to Union Square, a public park with a long history of political demonstrations. During a march out of the park, hundreds of people thronged into the street and attempted to occupy a New School building....
    November 18, 2011 | Story
  • Election Day 2011: In State After State, "Remarkable Wins for Progressive Politics" Splash_image20111109-11905-1pzr0dj-0
    Advocates for labor, women’s and immigration rights are celebrating a number of key victories in Tuesday’s state elections. In Ohio, voters defeated Republican Gov. John Kasich’s controversial limits on the collective bargaining rights of state employees. In Arizona, Russell Pearce, the architect of the...
    November 09, 2011 | Story
  • WI Recall Marks Labor Win; Election Money Raises Question of U.S. as "Democracy or Dollar-ocracy?" Wisconsin_recall_button
    For analysis on the Wisconsin recall vote, we go to Madison to speak with John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine. Although Republicans hold onto a slim 17-to-16 majority after the election, Nichols says the Democrats’ pickup of two seats, coupled with the moderate stance of Republican State Sen....
    August 10, 2011 | Story
  • The Battle for Wisconsin: Court Strikes Down Gov. Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Bill Nicholes
    A Wisconsin judge has struck down Gov. Scott Walker’s union-busting law because Republican legislators failed to provide sufficient public notice before passing the measure in March. The law sharply curbs nearly all collective bargaining rights of state employees. We speak to John Nichols of The Nation magazine on the future...
    May 27, 2011 | Story
  • Government Shutdown Looms Even as "Government’s Got Plenty of Money to Keep Going" Play__nichols
    Negotiations continue between Democrats and Republicans to break a U.S. budget deadlock and avoid a government shutdown. Without an agreement on spending for the next six months, money to operate the government runs out at midnight tonight. We discuss the possible shutdown and the latest news from Wisconsin with John Nichols,...
    April 08, 2011 | Story
  • Protesters Expect 100,000 in Madison as Assembly OKs Anti-Union Bill Nichols2
    The Republican-controlled Wisconsin State Assembly has passed Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees. The measure has sparked an unprecedented 11 days of protest in the capital city of Madison and across the state. Broadcasting from the Capitol...
    February 25, 2011 | Story
  • Uprising in Wisconsin: Tens of Thousands Protest Anti-Union Bill, as Wisconsin Lawmakers Leave State to Stall Vote Wisc
    Some 30,000 students and public sector workers rallied at the Wisconsin Statehouse in Madison Thursday to oppose Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s bid to eliminate almost all their collective bargaining rights and slash pay and benefits. Public schools in Madison are closed for a third day in a row today as teachers...
    February 18, 2011 | Story
  • Obama’s $3.7 Trillion Budget Calls for Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Service Programs Nichols_play
    President Obama has unveiled a budget plan seeking to trim the federal deficit by cutting or eliminating some 200 federal programs, many dedicated to social services and education, while increasing military spending and funding for the construction of nuclear power plants. Announcing his $3.7 trillion proposal, Obama touted...
    February 15, 2011 | Story
  • Wisconsin Governor Launches Attack on Public Sector Employees and Unions; Threatens to Deploy National Guard to Quell Labor Protests Nichols_lutes_play
    Recently elected Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker has proposed a bill that would eliminate almost all collective bargaining rights for most public workers and slash their pay and benefits. Walker has also notified the state’s National Guard to be on alert for actions taken by unsatisfied state, county and municipal...
    February 15, 2011 | Story
  • Election Roundtable: Breaking Down the Results with Laura Flanders of GritTV, The Nation’s Richard Kim & John Nichols, and Journalist David Goodman Roundtable
    The midterm elections saw two key Senate victories for the Tea Party and major losses for the right-leaning Blue Dog Democrats. Meanwhile, the Senate lost one of its most progressive lawmakers with the ouster of Democrat Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. We get analysis from four guests: Laura Flanders, host of GritTV; Richard Kim,...
    November 03, 2010 | Story
  • Facing Poor Unemployment, Foreclosure & Bankruptcy Rates, Obama Campaigns on Economy in Lead-Up to Nov. Midterms Obama-milwaukee
    It’s the economy, stupid. As President Obama faces devastating unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates, with no end in sight, he’s begun a ten-week campaign around the country leading up the November midterm elections. We speak with John Nichols, the Washington correspondent for The Nation magazine, who...
    September 07, 2010 | Story
  • John Nichols on the GOP’s New McCarthyism and the 2008 Congressional Races Nicholsweb
    On Friday, Republican Congress member Michele Bachmann of Minnesota stoked controversy after calling Barack Obama "Anti-American" while urging the media to launch an investigation to determine who in Congress is pro-American or anti-American. Bachmann’s re-election now seems a bit less certain. We look at Bachmann’s race and other closely contested congressional races....
    October 21, 2008 | Story
  • Could Michigan and Florida Decide the Democratic Presidential Race? Obamaclinton2
    Florida and Michigan could go from having no voice in the Democratic presidential primary to providing the deciding votes. Both states have already held their nominating contests, but the Democratic National Committee refuses to seat their delegates after they moved up their primary dates. Now calls are increasing for the two states to hold a re-vote. On Thursday, Democratic National Committee...
    March 07, 2008 | Story
  • Democratic Race Heats Up as Wisconsin Holds Deadlocked Primary Clinton_obama_0107web
    John Nichols of The Nation magazine joins us from Wisconsin, where voters go to polls today in possibly the tightest contest in the Democratic race since Super Tuesday. Sen. Hillary Clinton is hoping to end Sen. Barack Obama’s string of eight straight victories over the past two weeks. [includes rush transcript]
    February 19, 2008 | Story
  • The Race for 2008: A Look at the Presidential Playing Field Dem-debate
    Presidential hopefuls have participated in more than a dozen debates so far–and the primaries are still over four months away. What does the presidential playing field look like right now? Where do candidates from both sides of the aisle stand? And what is the current political landscape? We speak with John Nichols, political writer for The Nation. [includes rush transcript]
    September 13, 2007 | Story
  • Black Caucus Vows to Find Out if U.S. Engineered Coup Against Aristide Glover1
    We speak with actor, activist and TransAfrica chair Danny Glover about President Aristide’s claims that the U.S. forced him out of office as well as Rep. Barbara Lee who says she plans to raise the issue at a meeting of the House International Relations Committee tomorrow.
    March 02, 2004 | Story
    The Senate committee investigating campaign finance abuses yesterday focused again on the activities of Democratic fund-raiser John Huang. Republicans questioned why Huang frequently left his Commerce Department office and walked across Pennsylvania Avenue to use an office belonging to an Arkansas investment banking firm.
    July 18, 1997 | Story