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  • From Freedom Watch to Petraeus, a Look at the Bush Administration’s Iraq War PR Campaign Freedomswebs
    President Bush’s scheduled prime-time address tonight culminates a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign to win support for the continuation of the war in Iraq. The campaign began in August when a group called Freedom’s Watch headed by President Bush’s former spokesperson Ari Fleischer began airing pro-war television commercials. We speak with John Stauber of of the...
    September 13, 2007 | Story
    The first person to be tried and convicted of war crimes by an international criminal court since the end of World War II was sentenced earlier this week to 20 years in prison. Judges at the UN’s Yugoslav war crimes tribunal in the Hague convicted Bosnian Serb Dusko Tadic in May of crimes against humanity for his role in the ethnic persecution of Bosnian Muslims and Croats in the Prijedor...
    July 17, 1997 | Story