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  • As Unions, Students Join Occupy Wall Street, Are We Witnessing Growth of a New Movement? Splash_image20111005-24311-j18irn-0
    As the Occupy Wall Street protest enters its 20th day, New York City’s most powerful unions are set to march today from City Hall to the movement’s encampment in the Financial District. The demonstration will be bolstered by the walkout of potentially thousands of students at major public universities in New York...
    October 05, 2011 | Story
  • Will Proposed Financial Regulatory Overhaul Actually Reform Wall Street? Wallstbull
    With the main healthcare reform bill signed into law, Democrats say congressional efforts to reform Wall Street and the nation’s financial regulatory system will soon top the Obama administration’s agenda. A measure put forward by Sen. Christopher Dodd is being described as the biggest overhaul of financial rules...
    March 25, 2010 | Story
  • Report: Vast Majority of African American and Latino Middle-Class Families Are on Shaky Financial Ground Whearyreportweb
    A landmark study developed by Demos and Brandeis University finds that three-out-of-four African American and four-out-of-five Latino middle-class families are on shaky financial ground. This marks the first comprehensive report to examine economic stability of households of color in this country. [includes rush transcript]
    July 30, 2008 | Story
  • Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS Epidemic Leftbehindmtweb
    According to a new report by the Black AIDS Institute, if blacks in the United States constituted their own country, that nation would rank sixteenth in the world in the number of people living with HIV. Two percent of adult black Americans are infected with the virus, and only four countries outside Africa have a higher HIV prevalence. [includes rush transcript]
    July 30, 2008 | Story