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  • EXCLUSIVE : Environmental Activist Jeff "Free" Luers Speaks Out in First Interview After 9.5 Years Behind Bars Jeff-luers-democracynow
    In June 2001, Jeff "Free" Luers was sentenced to twenty-three years and eight months in prison. His crime? Setting fire to three vehicles in a car dealership to protest global warming. No one was hurt in the fire. In 2007, the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned Jeff’s sentence and reduced it to ten years. Last...
    December 23, 2009 | Story
  • "Little Guantanamo"–Secretive " CMU " Prisons Designed to Restrict Communication of Jailed Muslims and Activists with Outside World Prison-cmu-web
    With little public scrutiny, the Bush administration opened two secretive prisons in Indiana and Illinois known as Communication Management Units, or CMUs, that are designed to severely restrict prisoner communication with family members, the media and the outside world. Dozens of Muslim men are still being held at the CMUs, as well as other prisoners, including environmental and animal rights...
    April 17, 2009 | Story
  • Police Brutality in California
    Reports of police brutality are rocking the bedroom community of Fairfield California. Reports indicate the police department is wildly out of control with instances of setting police dogs on teenagers and fatally pepper-spraying a schizophrenic man. Community members have been standing up and organizing to assert some police accountability.
    March 28, 1997 | Story