Shows featuring Loretta Napoleoni

  • World Leaders, Protesters Gather in Italy for G8; Global Financial Crisis & Climate Change Top Agenda Temp-image_1_2
    President Obama arrived in Italy from Moscow this morning, where leaders from eight of the world’s richest nations are gathering in the town of L’Aquila for the annual Group of Eight summit. The three-day meeting is expected see high-level talks on the global economic crisis, climate change, food security and Iran. Protesters are also gathering for the G8. We speak with Loretta...
    July 08, 2009 | Story
  • European, Asian Markets Plunge as Recession Fears Spread Worldwide Eurostockdropweb
    As stock indexes plunge across Europe and Asia, Britain unveiled plans today to inject up to 50 billion pounds — close to $90 billion — into its biggest retail banks. Recent efforts to bolster world credit markets have failed to stem fears that the spreading financial crisis could lead to a global recession. We go to Rome to speak to economist Loretta Napoleoni, author of Rogue...
    October 08, 2008 | Story
  • Loretta Napoleoni on "Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality" Napoleonibkweb
    Italian economist, journalist and author Loretta Napoleoni argues that recent events on Wall Street indicate a much larger upheaval and could “signal the end of the ‘Roaring Nineties,’ nearly two decades of easy money, cheap credit, and soaring global debt.” It’s an argument Napoleoni develops in her latest book called Rogue Economics: Capitalism’s New Reality. [includes rush...
    March 31, 2008 | Story