Shows featuring Marine Sergeant Adam Kokesh

  • Pentagon Cracks Down on Antiwar Iraq War Veterans for Protesting in Uniform Ivawopfirst
    Last week, a military panel recommended that Marine Sergeant Adam Kokesh have his honorable discharge revoked for wearing his uniform during an antiwar protest. We also speak with Private First Class Evan Knappenberger. On Thursday, he wrapped up an eight-day, 24-hour vigil in Bellingham, Washington, to protest the military’s stop-loss policy.
    June 12, 2007 | Story
  • Murder of Women in Domestic Violence
    A groundbreaking new study examining the murder of women
    was released this week, and in it are some startling new
    conclusions that are challenging old assumptions about
    violence against women.

    The New York City Department of Health studied the murder
    of more than 1,100 women in the city over a five year period.
    The portrait that emerges details how women were murdered,
    who they were, and where...

    April 02, 1997 | Story