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  • Pentagon Stays Silent on Whether Suspect in Afghan Massacre Took Controversial Anti-Malaria Drug Malaria_soldier
    As Staff. Sgt. Robert Bales is charged with murdering 17 Afghans, we speak with reporter Mark Benjamin, who revealed the Pentagon recently launched an emergency review of a controversial anti-malaria drug known to induce psychotic behavior. Mefloquine, also called Lariam, is used to protect soldiers from malaria, but has been...
    March 27, 2012 | Story
  • The Story of Mitchell Jessen & Associates: How a Psychologists Helped Develop CIA Torture Techniques Torture-web
    We broadcast from Spokane, Washington, less than three miles from the headquarters of a secretive CIA contractor that played a key role in developing the George W. Bush administration’s interrogation methods. The firm, Mitchell Jessen & Associates, is named after the two military psychologists who founded the company, James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen. Beginning in 2002, the CIA hired...
    April 21, 2009 | Story
  • US Military Suicides at Record High; Report Finds Most Deaths at Single Colorado Base Were Preventable Temp-image_5_1
    As many as 143 soldiers took their own lives last year, the highest rate of suicides among US troops ever. We speak with correspondent Mark Benjamin, co-author of an in-depth investigation of suicides at an army base in Colorado. [includes rush transcript]
    February 20, 2009 | Story
  • Congressional Hearings Shed New Light on Government’s Endorsement of Torture; Maj. Gen. Taguba Accuses Bush Administration of War Crimes Tagubaweb
    On Tuesday, the Senate Armed Services Committee held an eight-hour hearing that exposed the role of top Bush administration officials in authorizing the use of harsh interrogation techniques. Meanwhile, Retired Major General Antonio Taguba, the Army general who first investigated the abuse at Abu Ghraib, has accused the Bush administration of committing war crimes. "The commander in chief...
    June 19, 2008 | Story
  • Did CIA Destroy Tapes Showing Waterboarding and Involvement of Psychologists in Torture? Temp-image_1_14
    The Justice Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have launched a joint probe into the CIA’s destruction of at least two videotapes documenting prisoner interrogations at a secret CIA prison. One of the tapes may have shown CIA agents waterboarding the al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah. [includes rush transcript]
    December 10, 2007 | Story
  • American Psychological Association Rejects Blanket Ban on Participation in Interrogation of U.S. Detainees Benjaminmarkweb
    The American Psychological Association (APA) has voted to reject overwhelmingly a measure that would have banned its members from participating in interrogations at Guantanamo Bay and other U.S. detention centers. While not banning psychologists from participating in interrogations, the council approved a resolution prohibiting involvement in interrogations that use at least 14 specified...
    August 20, 2007 | Story
  • The CIA’s Torture Teachers: Psychologists Helped the CIA Exploit a Secret Military Program to Develop Brutal Interrogation Tactics Sere6-25
    Last month, the Pentagon inspector general declassified a report that provided concrete evidence that methods developed by the U.S. military for withstanding torture were being used to develop interrogation techniques against prisoners. Investigative journalist Mark Benjamin reveals that two psychologists who worked as contractors for the CIA since 9/11 were at the center of the program....
    June 25, 2007 | Story
  • Walter Reed Ex-Patient, Wife Speak Out on Poor Conditions at Army’s Top Medical Facility Walterreed
    The Army’s Vice Chief of Staff General Richard Cody admitted on Wednesday there has been a "breakdown in leadership" at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His comments came three days after The Washington Post revealed that hospital rooms at Walter Reed were infested with mouse droppings, cockroaches, stained carpets, rodents and black mold. We speak with a former Walter Reed...
    February 22, 2007 | Story
  • "Reflections on Return": Injured Soldiers Speak About Coming Home From Iraq Injuredsoldier
    Over the weekend, the 700th U.S. soldier died in Iraq. Nearly 12,000 more have been injured since the invasion began. Today we hear a piece produced by Youth Radio capturing the voices of several of those injured soldiers recovering at Andrews Air Force Base. [includes rush transcript]
    April 19, 2004 | Story
  • Watergate
    Today marks the 25th anniversary of the break-in by Republican operatives at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington’s Watergate complex. The break-in, and the chain of events that it unleashed, ultimately led to the first ever resignation of a US president, Richard Nixon.
    June 17, 1997 | Story
  • Police Brutality in New York
    The death of Trinidadian born Kevin Cedeño sparks protest in Washington Heights, New York. The protest took place in front of Precinct 33, where the officer who shot the sixteen year old Cedeño is based. Commissioner Safer announced he will fire officers that are caught lying. This announcement, according to Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News, was necessary because the problem of...
    April 11, 1997 | Story