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  • Judge Reduces Charges in Jena 6 Case But Refuses to Overturn Mychal Bell Conviction Bellmt
    A Louisiana judge has refused to overturn the conviction of Mychal Bell. He and five other African-American teens were arrested and charged with attempted murder after a schoolyard fight in which a white student was beaten and suffered a concussion. An all-white jury found Bell guilty of second-degree battery and conspiracy in June. On Tuesday, a judge dismissed Bell’s conspiracy charge,...
    September 05, 2007 | Story
    One of the big scandals of the campaign-finance saga has been the role of a giant Indonesian conglomerate that allegedly funneled huge amounts of money into the Democratic Party. The Lippo Group, headed by James and Mochtar Riady, is closely tied to Indonesian dictator Suharto and has vast business interests throughout East Asia.
    July 09, 1997 | Story