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  • Freed in Iran: U.S. Hikers Urge Freedom for All Political Prisoners Splash_image20110922-12892-1d6tyxg-0
    After more than two years spent in an Iranian prison on allegations of spying and trespassing, American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were released yesterday. After a week of conflicting statements from the Iranian judiciary and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the pair were finally granted bail and handed over to...
    September 22, 2011 | Story
  • Exclusive: Friend of American Hikers Detained in Iran Speaks Out Meckfessel-web
    Earlier this summer, Shon Meckfessel traveled with Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal from Damascus, Syria to Iraqi Kurdistan for a short vacation. Shon stayed behind at the hotel nursing a cold, while his three friends left for the hike. On the morning of July 31st, he set out to join them near a waterfall, when...
    November 02, 2009 | Story