Shows featuring Voices From Harlem

  • Voices of Harlem: Voters in Historic Black Neighborhood Discuss Their Votes Harlemweb
    We speak with voters coming out of a polling site on 144th St. and Malcolm X Blvd. in Harlem, New York. [includes rush transcript]
    November 05, 2008 | Story
  • Harlem Residents Head to Jena Louisiana for Rally to Free the Jena Six Jena6tree
    Activists from across the country are heading to Jena, Louisiana, for a major demonstration on Thursday to protest the treatment of six African-American high school students who were jailed and faced attempted murder charges for taking part in a fight after nooses were hung from a tree in the schoolyard. Last night we interviewed activists in Harlem as they boarded buses bound for Jena....
    September 19, 2007 | Story
    Highlights from yesterday’s Senate Government Affairs hearing on campaign finance abuses.
    July 25, 1997 | Story