Outreach Success Stories

The success of Democracy Now! is due not only to our committed staff and volunteers, but to hundreds of activists around the country and the world who are working to publicize and bring DN! to their communities.

We want you to feel empowered! We want you to know that it is YOU, who can change your local media scene to include our independent, unembedded news program. Like all campaigns to bring Democracy Now! to new stations, there may be ups and downs along the way. It is important to be patient and stay positive.

To help inspire you and your coalition or group, here are some recent success stories about how people across the country got their local TV or radio station to broadcast Democracy Now! We have also included stories about how people have helped expand the audience by spreading the word about Democracy Now!

If you have a story about how you helped get Democracy Now! on your station or a story about a successful fund raising event, send it to outreach@democracynow.org.

The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity and "Decadent Acts" pledges to donate portion of show proceeds to Democracy Now!

The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is an environmentally friendly theatre that strives to produce 'theatre for a cause,' This year, some of the proceeds from one of the festival’s shows, “Decadent Acts”, will be donated to Democracy Now!.

Democracy Now! supporters host fund raising event in Victoria, BC

John in Victoria, BC brings Democracy Now! supporters together for a night of music, fun and fund raising!

Democracy Now! is available on Miro 2.0!

Democracy Now! featured on the front page of Miro 2.0’s channel guide! Miro 2.0 is a high-resolution way to watch Democracy Now! on your computer.

Democracy Now! is on KCCU, NPR Stations in OK

Democracy Now! takes the place of Day to Day on KCCU in Oklahoma.

Democracy Now! is Sharper on Miro

Miro is a high-resolution way to get Democracy Now! on the internet. Learn more about Miro and subscribe to the Democracy Now! channel.

Democracy Now! in Canada

The number of stations carrying Democracy Now! has currently reached a total of 39, including Quebec, Alberta and Nunavut. Find out more about the outreach efforts happening in Canada today!

Peace and Social Justice activists bring DN! to Evanston, Illinois

Peace and Social Justice activists in Evanston, Illinois had been stymied for years when they approached Evanston Community TV requesting that it air Democracy Now. But with persistence and dedication they were finally able to get Democracy Now! on the air. Read their story and learn how you can work to get Democracy Now! in your city.

Metro Justice creates one of a kind DN! Float for Labor Day

After a successful campaign to get DN! on the air in Rochester, Metro Justice decided to start spreading the word about when the show airs in their town. On labor Day they created a float with air times and a Lady Liberty impersonator. You too can find unique and eye-catching ways to spread the word about DN!

WETS-FM in Johnson City, Tennessee loves Democracy Now!

As the result of of requests from Democracy Now! fans in Eastern, Tennessee, WETS-FM decides to air DN! and is now amazed at how popular the show is!

Outreach at your local Wal-Mart!

Democracy Now! Featured in Be The Media by David Mathison.

Democracy Now! is featured prominently in the upcoming book Be The Media by David Mathison: www.bethemedia.com

DN! Broadcast on MCTV Ch. 15 in Mt. Shasta, CA

The community of Siskiyou county finds a loophole!

DN! airs on KCBX FM: San Luis Obispo, CA

After 21 months of campaigning, the community of Atascadero, CA brought DN! to KCBX 90.1 FM

WLRH: NPR affiliate in Huntsville, Alabama

The North Alabama Media Reform Group Brings DN! to WLRH

Activists bring Democracy Now! to Urbana Public Television

After several challenges, activists get Democracy Now! on Urbana Public Television (UPTV) in Urbana-Champaign, IL