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Ask Kissinger About Pinochet

Amy’s column on Henry Kissinger’s role in the Chilean Coup

It’s Bigotry that Should Be Silenced

Amy’s column on JetBlue’s removal of a passenger wearing a "We will not be silenced" T-shirt

The Art of War and Deception

Amy’s column on using lies to sell the Iraq war to the public

Rumsfeld’s Mount Misery

Amy’s column on Rumsfeld’s legacy of torture

Bush has a chance to hold terrorists accountable

Amy’s column on the Indonesian massacre of East Timorese

New Vermont Senator not Standard Fare

Amy’s column on Vermont Senator Bernard Sanders

Beyond the Nine Second Soundbite

Amy’s column on why she is writing her weekly column

Death in Oaxaca

Amy’s column on the slaying of Indymedia Journalist, Bradley Will in Oaxaca