Students Who Use DN! As A Resource Can Let Others Know!

We hear from many students who love the show. Democracy Now! not only educates, but engages and encourages young people to participate in responsible social and civic action. As students, you can:

  • Turn your teachers/professors on to the show and encourage them to list it as a resource for their students.
  • Organize regular screenings of Democracy Now! programs followed up by debates/discussion in your community or on your campus. We may be able to help you get credit for organizing such a series from your school’s debate club. You can either play the video from a computer (all DN! programs are available for free on-line) or get a free rental of any program you wish to show. Some students have organized a DN! Cafe where they screen an entire DN! show or segment at a local cafe each week. Write to us at if you would like to set up a screening.
  • Request that your teachers or school library purchase your favorite DN! shows to make them available for other students. They can also subscribe to our "Get it All" program and receive a monthly binder including DVDs of all DN! programs. Write to for more information.
  • Reprint Democracy Now! transcripts in your school newspaper. Our creative commons copyright encourages you to republish DN! transcripts in any way you can. DN! transcripts are completely FREE. But you MUST clearly credit Use DN!’s transcripts in your web blogs or make a regular feature in your college newspaper.
  • Email Transcripts to Friends. Next to each transcript is an "Email to a Friend" button. Please help us spread the word about Democracy Now! and the stories we cover by sending transcripts to friends, fellow students, teachers, family, colleagues and reporters who you think would be interested in these topics.