If You Are Using DN! in Education, Let US Know!

We love to hear from teachers who are using DN! as a teaching tool to share your experiences with others who want to do the same in their classes and communities. To have your comments included in our blog, email us at education@democracynow.org. Let us know how you do it and what your students’ reactions are.

Make sure to specify:
• Your name and where you teach.
• What program did you use (date of show) and how did you use it?
• What subjects and level do you teach?
• What worked and what didn’t?
• What did your students learn?

As an added incentive, if you submit curricula for any segment of Democracy Now! you will receive a FREE DVD of the episode of your choice from our online store.

Curriculum should be as thorough as possible, including:
• a lesson plan
• assigned reading materials
• homework assignments, and
• descriptions of student’s reactions

Submit the curriculum as an email attachment to education@democracynow.org
Please include the date of the show you would like to receive as your free DVD in the body of the email.