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"Podcasting" is a way to get the Democracy Now! daily show and web exclusive content automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio device. This is a nice convenience if you have a portable MP3 player or if you have a slow connection. You can also watch the show in video on your computer or portable media player, whenever you want.

Once you have things set up, you will always have access to the most recent shows, in audio or video format, ready for listening or watching!

What software do I need to make this work?

You’ll need to choose the software you want to use, and then follow our step-by-step instructions. These are some of the more popular free programs that will work:

MiroDownload Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiveriTunes Logo
Miro Internet TV
Subscribe to DN! video and audio feeds easily, with automatic downloading and file management. Also include channels and content guide. This is the best choice if you plan to watch or listen to DN! on your computer.

(free software, non-commercial)

Free podcasting software for Windows, Mac and Linux. This is a good choice if you own a non-Apple portable music or video player.

(free software, non-commercial)

Apple iTunes
Subscribe to video and audio versions of DN!. If you already own an iPod or Apple TV, you probably already have this software. Just subscribe to DN! through the iTunes store, or use the iTunes buttons on this page.

I don’t want to use the programs above. Are there any others?

There are a lot! Some folks like using a single desktop application to keep up with blogs, podcasts, news, etc. Check out FeedDemon for Windows, and NetNewsWire for Mac (note that these are commercial programs).

You can also use web-based news reader services (like Google Reader or NewsGator which will let you subscribe and listen to podcast feeds.

Certain "Internet Radio" appliances, portable media players and even mobile phones can subscribe to podcast feeds. For all these solutions, you will need to use the "Access XML" links above.

Additional Questions?

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