Wednesday, October 23, 1996

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  • Campaign finance report.

    Reform Party vice presidential candidate Pat Choate speaks out on Indogate and other foreign money in U.S. elections. He gives several examples of campaign money from foreign sources. He  
    categorizes campaign financing as fraud, criminal, impeachable  
    offense, and theft from the American people.

  • Harvey Gant and Jesse Helms in South Carolina elections

    Mandy Carter, an African American lesbian activist  
    leads the charge to dump Jesse Helms in North Carolina. She campaigns for Harvey Gant to be the first African American to be elected from the south to the US Senate. She talks about Jesse Helms and gives examples of all the negative impact that Jesse Helms has had on many issues such as race and AIDS.

  • Debate over campaign finance reform

    Donna Edwards director of the Center for a New Democracy talks about her uphill battle to change the political system. She talks about the ways in which citizens are taking the issue of campaign finance reform into their own hands this November  
    through state wide ballot measures in several states around the country.

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