Monday, October 7, 1996

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  • Presidential Debat.

    Disccussion of last night’s first of two presidential debates between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

  • Ralph Nader Excluded From Presidential Debates

    One of the voices excluded from last night’s debate was consumer advocate Ralph Nader, the Presidential candidate for the Green Party. The bipartisan commission on Presidential Debates decided to exclude Nader, Reform Party nominee Ross Perot, Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne, Natural Law Party candidate John Hagelin, from the presidential debates. Late last month, Ralph Nader participated in a forum in New York City called "Progressives and the 1996 elections."

  • Forum: Progressives and the 1996 Elections

    Why have politics in this country shifted to the right? Can the shift be reversed? Is a progressive alternative to the two "mainstream" parties possible? Could it ever win a majority? These are some of the questions raised at a forum late last month in New York City called "Progressives and the 1996 elections"