Wednesday, November 13, 1996

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  • Farm workers kick off their national fight for strawberry workers

    In the strawberry fields of California 20,000 workers stoop for 10 to12 hours a day under the worst of conditions such as pesticide laden fields, dirty drinking water, no bathroom, sexual harassment and arbitrary firings. The average wage is $8000 per year and few of the workers have health insurance. The United Farm Workers has launched a national campaign to draw attention to the back breaking and abusive conditions in the strawberry industry in an attempt to force the growers to make changes.

    Dolores Verto co-founder and secretary treasurer of the United Farm Workers talks about the campaign that they are launching today, and Salso Munoz a strawberry worker from California talks about the abusive conditions of his work in strawberry industry.

  • A high government official who quit after President Clinton signed the welfare law, breaks his silence

    Peter Edelman former assistant secretary of Health and Human Services and currently a professor of Georgetown University Law Center gives some details about the current welfare law and his strong objections to this law and the most practical ways to force congress and the president to make a change in the welfare law.

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson’s call for the boycott of Texaco

    After meeting with Texaco’s chairman yesterday, Reverend Jesse Jackson called for a boycott to force Texaco to settle a claim on behalf of 1400 black workers who say that Texaco has systematically discriminated against them. A former employee released tapes, transcripts of recorded conversations in which Texaco executives had used words such as nigger or jelly bean referring to the black workers. Jesse Jackson’s call for the boycott is broadcasted in this segment of the program.

  • Comments on the comment line

    People’s suggestions about the new tag line and slogan that could be used on Democracy Now as well as suggestions for the show are broadcasted in this segment.

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