Monday, December 9, 1996

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  • A Commemoration of Mario Savio’s Life

    Jack Weinberg and Bettina Aptheker speak at Mario Savio’s memorial. Weinberg recalls the roots of Savio’s work in the civil rights struggle, particularly his participation in Freedom Summer, and reflects on the victories won by the Free Speech Movement. Aptheker remembers Savio’s integrity, humanity, and commitment to collective struggle.

  • The 15th Anniversary of the Arrest of Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Lydia Barashango, Abu-Jamal’s sister, recalls the night of the arrest and discusses the roots of Abu-Jamal’s activism, and the effect of his imprisonment on her family.

  • Live from Death Row, Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Abu-Jamal speaks about racism in the criminal justice system and the overwhelming number of black men in prison. [includes rush transcript]

  • Mario Savio Speech, Free Speech Movement

    Larry Bensky introduces a broadcast of a 1994 speech by Mario Savio about the roots of the Free Speech Movement and its relevance to the current struggle against Proposition 187.