Wednesday, February 28, 1996

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  • Headline for February 28, 1996

    Presidential Primaries–Steve Forbes wins Arizona, Dole takes Dakotas, and a disappointed Pat Buchanan counts on south for victory.

  • Analyzing result of presidential primaries

    We talk with National Affairs Correspondent Larry Bensky who is still in Arizona for a wrap up of the primary there.
    Segment Subjects: primaries, flat tax, turnout
    Guest Names: Larry Bensky- Pacifica National Affairs Correspondent

  • Progressive Politics, Congressional Politics, Presidential Politics

    We analyze the presidential primaries with Congressman Bernie Sanders, independent from Vermont and founder of The Congressional Progressive Caucus.
    Keywords: progressive politics, money, political process, class issues, corporate media
    Guest Names: Bernie Sanders Independent 3rd term congressman from Vermont

  • Union Politics

    A discussion with Dennis Rivera, head of 1199 Health and Hospital Workers Union of NY, on health care, why it is not being talked about and union politics throughout the country.

    Keywords: AFL-CIO, healthcare, NAFTA Guest Names: Dennis Rivera

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