Thursday, March 14, 1996

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  • Ken Silverstein discuss White Water Scandal

    Salim Muwakkil senior editor of "In These Times" (and co-host of Democracy Now), Neketchi Tyipia of Howard University Law School and Clarence Lusane
    Professor at Medgar Evers College discuss race and U.S. drug laws. Comedian, Kate Clinton, reports from the campaign trail in Del Ray Beach
    Florida. Investigative reporter, Ken Silverstein, lays out the names and basic facts
    of the White Water scandal. He tells us about the involvement of
    International Paper, one of the largest timber companies in the nation, and its successful endeavor to earn influence and favors from Clinton when he
    was the Attorney General of Arkansas and aspiring to be Governor. Among other things, Silverstein also reveals that Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole enjoy
    the luxury of being flown to various political events in a U.S. Tobacco corporate jet.

  • Race and Drugs in the U.S.

    Two professors join us to discuss how U.S. drug enforcement policy results in blatantly selective prosecution of African Americans and other people of
    color. Our guests describe how the policy targets poor urban neighborhoods and selectively steers suspected blacks (and other people of color) to federal courts where they receive much stiffer sentences – 96.5% of those sentenced federally for crack violations are people of color. Our guests also discuss how the disparity of sentencing between crack and powder
    cocaine convictions, although found to be arbitrary and unfair by government studies, result in more jailed African Americans. In this election year discussion of these policies among politicians is almost nonexistent.

  • Kate Clinton, feminist comedian and presidential candidate,
    calls from the Campaign Trail

    Kate Clinton tells us that Dole, although he swept the state, seems unhappy and Forbes, who failed miserably, seems exuberant. She also gives us the
    details of her own campaign.

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