Friday, March 15, 1996

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  • Toxic Chemicals that Threaten Us

    Amy Goodman interviews scientist/author Dr. Theo Colborn about endocrine disruption created by man-made chemical contaminants that interfere with; mimic; disrupt vital hormone and endocrine functions in both humans and wildlife.

  • What Makes a Person Qualified to be President of the United States?

    Democracy Now solicits audience responses to the question "What Makes a Person Qualified to be President of the United States?". Goodman reads one response. Selected responses will be forwarded to President Clinton and to upcoming Presidential candidates and posted on Democracy Now website.

  • A Sharply Divided House of Representatives Passes Counter-Terrorism Bill

    Jimmy Landano, convicted of killing a police officer, sentenced to life in prison. On February 25, 1994, a New Jersey state court of appeal unanimously granted Jimmy Landano’s habeas corpus petition, overturning an 18-year-old murder conviction for fatally shooting Newark police officer John Snow. Although Landano was completely innocent of the crime, he was incarcerated for 13 years. Landano speaks briefly about his case and explains the term 'habeas corpus'.

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