Wednesday, June 12, 1996

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  • A Look At Bob Dole’s Congressional Record

    Yesterday Bob Dole left Congress after 37 years in the House and Senate to
    officially run for President. National affairs correspondent Larry Bensky
    examines several of Dole’s key positions and describes Dole as having a
    mixed record.

  • How Right Wing Foundations Are Shaping Policy

    People for the American Way has just released a report on how right wing
    foundations are a key part of the development and implementation of
    conservative policy on the national level. A variety of organizations
    have come into existence to press the right wing cause across a range of
    issues. Carol Shields and Matthew Freeman discuss their organizing
    methods and funding by right wing foundations.

  • Whitewater Investigations

    The ethical purity of those advancing the Whitewater
    investigation and using it for political fodder was called into question
    again this week. Journalist L.J. Davis argues that some leading
    Republican politicians have Whitewaters of their own.

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