Tuesday, January 21, 1997

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  • Response to Clinton’s Second Inaugural and the Janitors Who Cleaned Up

    53rd President inaugural installs Clinton who says government should give opportunity, not solve problems. A discussion of janitors, their pay, healthcare, and other benefits.

  • Abortion clinic bombings

    Atlanta two explosions past Thursday and Tulsa Sunday bombed, bombed on New Years. Saporta discusses Clinics that had been bombed Tomorrow 24th anniv Roe v Wade. NAF colleced 25 years of data on violence against abortion-providers. FACE law makes it federal crime to use force or threat force ohysical obstruction against abortion services. New York chips away FACE declaring religious right to picket clinics. Saporta thinks need more criminal sanctions against protestors. Discusses targets of violent attacks 5 murders. Last month Louisiana doctor stabbed as he entered clinic. Bombings Spokane and Oklahoma. Arson series of. Physical threats. Women walk gauntlet to obtain med services. Saporta discusses effect of threats: abortion de facto illegal 84% counties no abortion providers; rural counties 92%. Access limited bc providers leave bc violence. Training in medical schools Congress nullified ACGME (Grad Council med ed) requirement abortion training for all ob/gyn programs, despite abortion being most common surgical procedure for OB/GYN. Some med schools stopped abortion training. Pharmaceutical abortion in first 49 days of pregnancy. 60 sites provide pharmaceutical abortion by Methatrexate or Misaprostal.
    RU486 (Mifapristone) before FDA Avail Europe 200k Europe women use safe. Late-term abortion ban: Ntl Abort Federation provided evidence of danger to safety or future fertility some women discovered in late stages of pregnancy of posed if carrying child to term. Congress shouldn’t make medical decisions. Choice lost 50/54 legislative decisions restricting right to choose. More than half states refuse fed funds for abortion services. Abortion clinic bombings ideology links fed building, black churches and abortion clinics. Militia movement connections to abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood researches . Washington DC annual meeting of anti-abortion leaders: read letters from prison by such people as convicted murderers Paul Hill from Pennsicola Fl bomber and arsonist Shelly Shannon. Incites supporters to further violence. Impact of Gingerich ethics probe on prospective abortion law. Contact info NAF

  • Gingerich Ethics Code Violation

    House Ethics Committee recommends to full House reprimand and $300k fine. Nancy Johnson (Rep CT) Chair Ethics Committee. Didn’t receive harsher penalties such as Censure, which require give up Speaker or Expulsion from House, or lesser penalties as Letter of Reproval. Highlights of Ethics Committee Hearings. More highlights on January 20 broadcast: Cole case against Gingerich.
    AG recaps Cole’s case from pg 39 spec counsel report: Gingerich movement to develop and disseminate political message (Democratic welfare society replaced by Republican opportunity society) and professionalize House Republicans as the heart of reforming American civilization, with Gingerich as defined in the Republican documents "advocate of civilization and definer of civ, teacher of rules of civilization, arouser of those who form civ, organizer of pro-civ activists, and leader of civ forces" Movement to be supported by GOPAC, international Republican organizations with materials disseminated through college lectures by Gingerich that would be broadcast and distributed as video recording to groups that could recruit members to Republican party