Wednesday, January 8, 1997

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  • Triple Execution In Arkansas/ Buddhist Monk’s Account–Portrait of Lethal Injections: Differing
    Views On The Eve of A Horrific Triple Execution in Arkansas.

    We get differing views of capital punishment, on the eve of the
    execution of death row inmates Paul Ruiz, Earl Von Denton (each
    convicted of killing a police officer and park ranger during an escape from a prison work detail) and Kirt Wainright (convicted in a separate murder). Dina Tyler, Arkansas Department of Corrections spokesperson,
    discusses the method, expense and emotional toll on the prison staff of execution by lethal injection.
    Next, Pat Bain, director of Murder Victim Families for Reconciliation
    and the relative of a murder victim, claims that Paul Ruiz had
    rehabilitated himself over 20 years in prison and condemns the death penalty.
    Finally (after a musical break ending at 22:22) Reverend Kobutsu Kevin Malone , a Zen Buddhist spiritual advisor to Frankie Parker who was executed the previous August in Arkansas talks about eyewitnessing the violent, bizarre execution and his effort with Parker to bring spirituality to the ordeal while it occurred.   Malone also talked about his protest outside the headquarters of the Organon Company in West Orange, New Jersey, the company that manufactures the muscle relaxant Pabulon, part of the deadly cocktail used for lethal

  • Plea to Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoners–President Clinton Asked to Grant Clemency to 15 Puerto Rican Political Prisoners.

    Convict Elizam Escobar, as well as Josefina Rodriguez, the mother of female inmates Alicia and Ida Luz Rodriguez, and Congressmember Nydia M. Velázquez, Representing New York’s 12th District, discuss 15 Puerto Rican political prisoners. The convicts were  alleged to be supporters of the Armed National Liberation Front (FALN) and the Puerto Rican People’s Army (EPB), also known as the "Macheteros," which carried out
    a series of bombings and other armed attacks on US government offices and military installations in the 1970s and early 1980s, including the spectacular $7 Million Wells Fargo Bank heist of 1982.