Monday, March 3, 1997

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  • Mumia Abu-Jamal Commentaries

    Today, we continue with our second week of airing
    commentaries by journalist and author Mumia Abu-Jamal. But
    before we hear from death row, we wanted to give an update on
    the situation with Temple University in Philadelphia,

    At Temple, thousands of phone calls, faxes and letters have
    poured into the university’s administrative offices protesting
    the cancellation of "Democracy Now!" and urging the university
    to put the show back on the air. Those calls have been echoed by
    many free speech groups and press associations, including the
    ACLU, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, PEN America
    Center, and the Society of Professional Journalists. The
    Philadelphia Daily News also condemned the move.

    And today in Philadelphia, area residents are holding a
    demonstration in front of the Temple president’s office
    condemning the censorship and demanding that "Democracy
    Now!" be restored to the airwaves. Tomorrow on Democracy
    Now! we’ll bring you many of those voices at the

    Guest Via TAPE: Don Rush, of Pacifica Nightly News.

    TAPE: SISTER HELEN PREJEAN, author and death penalty

    TAPE: MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, a prisoner on Pennsylvania’s
    death row.

  • Death of Judi Bari

    Judi Bari — environmentalist, Wobbly, mother and friend — died
    Sunday morning in her home in Willets, northern California,
    the heart of Redwood country. She led the environmental group
    Earth First! in the late 1980s, turning the group into a potent
    national force. She also organized the first Redwood Summer, a
    mass civil disobedience action in 1990 to save California’s old
    growth Redwoods.

    In the process, Earth First! and Judi Bari suffered widespread
    repression. In 1990, the car in which she was driving with Daryl
    Cherney on the way to an organizing meeting in Oakland was
    bombed, injuring both passengers. Oakland police, with the
    backing of the FBI, arrested her and Daryl Cherney, for
    allegedly setting the pipe bomb that blew up their car.

    TAPE: JUDI BARI, interviewed by KPFA producer Dennis
    Bernstein in the spring of 1991.

  • Burma and New York Activists

    In recent weeks, Burma’s military leadership has launched
    attacks on the only remaining ethnic group that his resisted the
    dictatorship — the Karens and their organization the Karen
    National Union. Thousands have fled their homes and villages,
    fleeing toward neighboring Thailand.

    Groups ranging from Amnesty International to the U.S. Refugee
    Committee have condemned the offensive by Burma’s State
    Law and Order Restoration Council known as SLORC.

    Meanwhile, here in New York, Burmese democracy activists are
    taking their fight to the New York City Council. The
    government-in-exile wants the largest city in the United States
    to cut all ties with companies doing business in the southeast
    Asian country.

    Here to discuss recent developments in Burma and the United
    States are two guests.


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