Monday, March 31, 1997

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  • Heaven’s Gate and Apocolypse

    The mass suicide of the Heaven’s Gate group in San Diego last week
    has again highlighted the importance of Apocalyptic visions in the
    social and political landscape of America. From the Christian
    Identity Movement to the Freeman of Montana, the idea that the end
    of the world is near — or that a much better world is at hand,
    whether at some vague higher level or through the return of Jesus
    Christ — appears to be growing as we get closer to the year 2000.

    Here to discuss the Heaven’s Gate group and the growth of
    apocalyptic groups as we approach the millennium is Chip Berlet, of
    Political Research Associates, a Massachusetts-based group that
    monitors the US political right.


  • Big Mountain and Eviction of Navajo Dineh

    In northeastern Arizona, in a region known as Big Mountain,
    hundreds of Navajo Dineh families are facing imminent eviction from
    their land and livelihoods. For nearly 25 years, the Dineh have
    fought an alliance of energy companies, the US government and
    sectors in another tribe for control over the coal rich land that
    they’ve lived on since before the arrival of Columbus.

    Already 12,000 Navajo have been uprooted since the early 1970s and
    now the remaining 2,000 Dineh residents face a deadline of today to
    sign a draconian lease or face eviction.

    Here to discuss the crisis at Big Mountain are Bonnie Whitesinger,
    a traditional Navajo Dineh from the region and Marsha Monestersky,
    who has been organizing at the United Nations and elsewhere in
    support of the Sovereign Dineh Nation’s fight against relocation.


  • Women and the Colonial Period

    Today marks the last day of Women’s History Month. And to
    commemorate the day, we’re going to take a special look back at one
    of the defining eras for women in America — the colonial period.
    This was a period were the creation of gender roles was crucial
    both in the establishment of racial slavery and of a patriarchal
    social and political system.