Wednesday, April 2, 1997

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  • Murder of Women in Domestic Violence

    A groundbreaking new study examining the murder of women
    was released this week, and in it are some startling new
    conclusions that are challenging old assumptions about
    violence against women.

    The New York City Department of Health studied the murder
    of more than 1,100 women in the city over a five year period.
    The portrait that emerges details how women were murdered,
    who they were, and where they died.


  • National Cancer Institute Urges Mammograms

    The Federal government this past week officially recommended
    that beginning at age 40 women undergo an annual breast
    screening procedure known as a mammogram. Reversing its
    previous position, the National Cancer Institute joined with
    other large cancer groups saying that the screening of younger
    women can reduce the death rate from breast cancer.

    In 1997, more than 180,000 women will be diagnosed with breast
    cancer, and some 44,000 will die of it.

    The National Cancer Institute’s recommendations were the
    latest in a tumultuous four-year debate over the value of
    mammograms for women in this age group. And many
    women’s health groups still insist that there is no hard
    evidence that mammograms help younger women and, in fact,
    they may be harmful.

  • Arrests Made in Canada Linked to Saudi Arabia

    Last June, a truck bomb parked outside a US military base in
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killed 19 US servicemen and wounded
    400 people. Now, the Canadian government is holding two
    Saudi men that it claims were involved in the bombing.

    Canadian intelligence officials say that one of the men, 28-year-
    old Hani Abdel-Rahim Hussein al-Sayegh, was a driver who
    helped set up the bombing. They also say that his affiliation
    with an Iranian-backed organization in Saudi Arabia links the
    bombing to Tehran.

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